Prague~Days 5 & 6

Our bus arrived in Prague just in time to see sunset and for us to find dinner!  We walked around the town square near our hotel with all the other tourists of the city.  We stumbled upon the Chocolate Museum, which was unfortunately closed.  BUT their chocolate shop was open!  I definitely dropped some Czech Crown there.


The next morning we set off for Prague Castle!  We saved the castle for our full day because we could leave our backpacks at the hotel.  Before the Castle we stopped at the John Lennon Tribute wall~

We pulled out our (Anna’s) TCU flag for split group shots.  A man noticed our flag and offered to take a group picture.  He was from Montana and his nephew lives in Fort Worth so he recognized our purple! Such a small world!



As we were folding up our flag a man on a Segway rolled up.  He said, “What do those letters mean?”  We said, “Oh it’s for our university.  Our college.  University.”

Him-“But what do they mean?”

Us-“Texas Christian University.”

Him-“From where?”

Us-“The States. America.”

Him, already rolling away-“Oh.  I’m from Russia.”

We all kinda looked at each other and shrugged.  Anna said under her breath, “Good luck with your life sir.”  I laughed a lot.

Lots of funny things at the John Lennon Wall.


After the wall we crossed the Charles Bridge to get to Prague Castle!  Another stunning walk up to a castle that is, of course, on a hill.  (Whatever I want to see is always on a hill.  It’s a rule.)



Above is the official entrance to the Castle, complete with 2 serious guards on the side.  As you can see, people loved taking pictures next to them.  They don’t smile.


The cityscape seemed endless from up on the hill!  Behind the main castle gates was an old, massive church with the most intricate stained glass windows I have ever seen.  The pictures do not do them justice.

The back of the Castle~



We had an early night to be able to make our train to Berlin at 6:20 the next morning!





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