Copenhagen and Me


Today we have explored Copenhagen and logged 10 miles on foot! Eventually I’ll count up how many miles I’ve walked on this trip, but I honestly think it’ll be too many to count! Especially after this European Tour week!

We started off this morning in Silkeborg by being picked up by our wonderful Silkeborg university coordinator, Alice, and her husbandyo be taken to the airport! they always laugh at us because we fly out of Karup which is technically a militay base. But the flights are cheap and we only have to be there 20 minutes in advance! (sweet!)

We were quickly on our way to Copenhagen! Anna’s cousin Scott currently studies in the city so we made arrangements to meet at noon along suggestions of what to do in the morning.

We touchd down to discover that it snowed yesterday in Copenhagen giving the ground a wonderful white blanket!


Once we disembarked from our airplane, we bought metro cards and rode the train to city centre! My fa vorite thing about Europe is the buildings and being on water. I told everyone else multiple times that I would be completely fine sitting, watching boats come in and out, eating a chocolate croissant.

I got most of my wish. Our first thing in Copenhagen was to take a canal boat tour of the city! And since no one had eaten breakfast we stopped for coffee and pastries to eat on the boat. I ate the croissant so fast I didn’t get a picture, but rest assured that it was delicious!

The boat was glass topped, but “When In Europe…” so Taylor and I braved the uncovered front of the boat for clear pictures and the sea breeze on our faces!



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