Lake Day

Today, all TCU Horned Frogs got to experience the Virklund Skole and partake in the last day before the Ski Week!  It was a very big day.  Anna and Taylor’s teacher Jorgen has been so kind while we’ve been here, inviting Melissa, Catherine, and me along on some adventures even though we’re at Kornmod.

Virklund Skole did something today that they’ve never done before.  4th, 5th, and 6th grade went hiking around the local lake then met up at the end of the trail for vegetable soup.  Jorgen put students into groups while the rest of us watched.  One teacher went with the first group to place trail markers.  I did not realize at the time that he was the only adult with all of these students.  The 5 of us and Jorgen brought up the rear.  The students knew that they were to follow trail markers and that was it.  They had to freedom to run ahead or hang back and eat a picnic if they brought sandwiches.


I was shocked at the number of students with essentially only 2 adults who could really communicate with everyone.  The amount of head counting that goes on during an American field trip would be laughed at here in Denmark.  They trusted that the students would make it to the camp.  And they all did.  Vegetable soup was had by all.

I, on the other hand, was not mentally prepared for the journey around the lake.  It was quite the trek.  Some uphill, some downhill, but just long.

By the end of it, we had walked 7 and a half miles.

Some of the students laughed at us Americans basically dragging ourselves into camp.

We did get some beautiful pictures of the lake-


Our camp-


Group shot-


After our vegetable soup, we loaded up and headed back to school!


Tomorrow morning we head to Copenhagen for the day.  Sunday morning we fly to Budapest then to Vienna, Prague, and Berlin!  We got so lucky with the Ski Week falling at a time when we’re here to be able to go on vacation too!  We have about 2 days in each city!

I have a backpack to pack!  Pictures from these amazing cities to come!

Until next post,




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