The First Weekend

For our first weekend in Denmark we decided to head over to the coast and visit the 2nd largest city in Denmark, Aarhus!  We woke up Saturday morning to (another) rainy, gray day.  Eventually we made it to the bus stop & could see our train….. But we still had to buy tickets.  Finding the English button on the machine proved difficult so we missed that train.

The first of many “hurry up and wait” moments to be had on this trip I’m sure…. The next train came a little less than an hour later and our tour of the Danish countryside began!

Even though Aarhus is on the water, we never ventured that far.  We loved just wandering around the city where we had a chance to meet up with a Danish Frog that came to TCU last semester, Troels!  Troels has lived in Aarhus all his life, so he quickly became our tour guide.  We first stopped to get some lunch at a French restaurant he knew.

One of the greatest steaks of my life was to be had-


Those cranberries? YUM.

After lunch we went to the AROS Museum which was 6 levels of different art exhibits.  The big attraction of AROS is the panoramic rainbow on the roof of the building where you can walk IN the rainbow!  It was a great way to see the landscape/architecture of Aarhus!


The View from The Rainbow-

Overall I really loved Aarhus for the buildings in the city.  It has an amazing mixture of architecture that really stands out in all the colors!  The city is built around a river so you get some nice canal shots too!



My favorite picture I took in Aarhus-(with the obligatory bikes!)


This picture really shows Aarhus-imagine bicycles everywhere and no two buildings that look the same.  Mix with some rain to brighten the cobblestone streets and you have Aarhus.


The next morning we got up, had brunch, and made our way to the Open Air Museum of Aarhus or Dem Gamle By.  Dem Gamle By is a collection of houses that have been restored from the 1600’s-1800’s.

This was MY kind of museum!  I can finally say I’ve walked through a village from the 1600’s.  A lot of the buildings have been fully restored on the inside as well, so we spent our afternoon wandering in and out of the village buildings.

The perfect mix of old and new-


I love the juxtaposition in this picture because it showcases the history of Aarhus, as in where they were as compared to where they are now.  So many Danes tell us that they are a tiny country of 5 million that gets forgotten and yet a skyscraper is a skyscraper and a school is still a school…. No matter where you are in the world.

One last group shot from outside AROS-


Until next post,



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