FoodFoodFood…& Fastelavnsboller

**WARNING-This post involves A LOT of food pictures.  Prepare yourselves now.

As promised in my last post, I did go down to the lake to soak up a little bit of sunshine…. And got myself a treat.


I don’t know what this pastry was called, but it was full of cinnamon and VERY good!  There’s nothing better than sitting on water and reading.  Big thanks to Kayla for loaning me All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven for this trip!  A fantastic book as she told me!

Smash cut to today February 5th at Kornmod….. Catherine, Melissa, and I had the pleasure of cooking with Jane and her 7th grade class!  In Denmarl upper grades have Domestic Science which I LOVE!  Everyone needs to know how to cook!  It was a joy to watch these students walk into the kitchens at skole, put aprons on, and get straight to work!  The day before I had been assigned a group to cook with and to “help” translate the recipe into English from Danish. (I wasn’t much help.  We had a game of Charades going at one point before we discovered the flour must be added gradually).

My 3 Danish chefs and I got to make a traditional Danish dish for this time of year called fastelavnsboller! Think of these as glazed custard buns.  DELICIOUS!  Fastelavn is a holiday that will occur this Sunday before Lent begins.  In the Old Days, the Danes believed black cats to be evil and would put them in a wooden barrel, then beat the barrel with sticks to remove the bad spirits.  Now, candy is put in the barrel and will fall out after beating the barrel.  Fastelavnsboller are the buns people make to eat around this time!

Ready for pictures?

The calm before The Storm-

It was very apparent when we began cooking that these students really enjoy Domestic Science!  Everyone worked well with their groups and started creating these AMAZING looking dishes!  I was so impressed by everyone getting right to work talking in both Danish and English.  The boy creating the lemon cake at the station next to mine was VERY serious about his cakes!  I’ve never seen anyone so happy as when I told him it was delicious.

First, we started out making our dough so that it could rise.

photo-17…… We needed more flour!


Once we mixed our dough, we left it to rise in the window…. And moved on to the custard for inside each bun!  My 3 Danish Chefs let me continually whip the custard to a boil while they added all the necessary ingredients.  This worked out well because they are much more at home in this kitchen than I was!  I kept opening and closing cabinets looking for measuring cups….. Only to discover that they weigh dry and wet ingredients here on a scale.  Now I know!


Our yummy custard!!  Now that our filling was ready, we checked on the dough which had risen to the top of the bowl!  We divided it in half and began rolling out the 2 sections so that we could get 14 small squares from each section.  Each group had to make enough for everyone, 28 people.  The boys gave me a rolling pin and told me “13 x 13 centimeters.”  I rolled out my dough easily to 13 centimeters on the first try!  My Danish chefs were very impressed with me!  They said, “Cheers, one try!  You did that well! It looks flat!”

All these years of making Christmas cookies and Joulutorttu has paid off!  Thanks Mom!

Next, we had to fill the buns…..

After filling we twisted them together and flipped them over so that the folded parts where on the cookie sheet.

Time for the oven!

While we were cooking, everyone else was hard at work on lemon cake, monkey bread, meatballs, pancakes, apple cake, carrot buns, and setting the table!

Our buns eventually came out of the oven and we put them by the window to cool while we fixed up the glaze for the top!

I feel VERY proud of us!!

Soon it was time to eat our buffet…. I have to say that everything I ate was AMAZING!  My particular favorites were the meatballs, carrot buns, and our fastelavnsboller!

The buffet and my plate….



These 7th graders sure do know how to cook!  Overall this was an awesome day!  What better way to learn English than a real life context to do so AND one where you get to eat your spoils!

The inside of my fastelavnsboller…..


These were simply delicious and not as sweet as I was expecting!  To all my family reading this-I will be making these for Easter! 🙂

We are cooking with 6B on Monday….. They are making us traditional Danish main dishes, some of which we have already been warned we will not like at all.

We are going to Aarhus (east of Silkeborg) for the weekend to explore another city in Denmark!

Until next post,




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