Animals. . . & Kung Fu Panda

I last left my reader wondering if I would make it to school and back on a bicycle.  This sentence proves that I did indeed make it! (barely)

Catherine, Melissa, and I arrived at school yesterday (February 2nd) to begin our day with a different teacher, seeing history this time.  It turns out that he was teaching at the teacher training college and wasn’t going to be on the Kornmod campus at all.  We did what we do best and adjusted to our new, wide-open day!  This was a blessing in disguise really.  We had yet been able to explore the main town of Silkeborg, so that is exactly what we did!  Realizing nothing we wanted to go to was open yet, we hit up the Joe & The Juice just around the block from our campus!  We had seen this coffee/juice shop in the Copenhagen airport, but it was already closed.  This gave us the perfect opportunity to walk around the streets then get coffee, or in my case, juice!

-Our lovely downtown Silkeborg!

After Joe & The Juice we picked the Aqua Aquarium & Dyrepark (zoo) to visit!  We charted our walking route and hit the road!  If you know anything about me you know I LOVE aquariums so checking the Silkeborg Aquarium off my To-Do List feels pretty good!

Aqua has a number of fish native to Denmark.  I learned that carp are something anglers highly value catching here.  Unfortunately for me, there were only 3-4 plaques in the museum that were in English, but I still enjoyed looking at the fish and seeing the otters be fed!

Maybe the best part of visiting Aqua was seeing their Museum School preschoolers run around the building in socks! (jackets and boots are left by the door)  You could clearly see that they were excited to be there and greatly enjoyed it.  Later in the day we saw them learning what it means to fully cook something over a bonfire!  Wow so cool!!

We saw their 2 otters get fed and ended up talking to the zookeeper in the picture for quite a bit later in the day.

As we walked around the zoo, we looked at the animals they housed such as coypu, minx, and warthogs!  The warthog was the biggest one I have ever seen!


The zookeeper told us he eats everything!

Then we came upon the raccoons!  The zookeeper kindly talked to us about the 3 raccoons while he fed them fish.  We were surprised that raccoons were in a zoo in Denmark considering in the States we call them pests!  The zookeeper told us that during WWII, American soldiers had raccoons as pets in Germany.  When they realized they were not the greatest pets to have, the soldiers released them into the wild.  Some raccoons then walked from Germany to Denmark!  They have a place in the zoo because of their long journey.  I love stories like those.


Our last picture at the zoo, big props to Catherine for bringing her good camera with a timer! (And taking that silly one of me!)

We ended our day at another coffee shop where I ate my first chocolate croissant (of many I’m sure) and a hot chocolate.


Today we started out in a history class with a different teacher.  He began his lesson by talking about American history and our connection to Egyptian history, as that is what they are studying right now.  He showed students our $1 bill and pointed out the pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye on top.  One student immediately yelled out, “ILLUMINATI!!”

I laughed really hard.

Later the teacher told me that most students have seen National Treasure and piece together American history from that.  Hey, I love that movie too.

We then went with Jane because history would be taught in Danish.  We watched Kung Fu Panda with our 6th grade class as a vocabulary builder.  We watched in 20 minute segments, then helped the students translate words back and forth from English to Danish!  Jane, our teacher, told me that Americans have so many words that often 3 Danish words will be needed just to translate one English word.  I attempted to read the vocabulary list for Kung Fu Panda in Danish with a group of students.  I often had to have them say the word multiple times to even get close.  They have such different sounds here, my mouth still couldn’t figure out a few of them!  These kids are so helpful and want us to master a few words while they can help us.  I was able to lend a hand and define a few American words that they didn’t know.  ‘Mock’ gave a lot of kids trouble.  Overall it was a good day at Kornmod.

Right now the sun is shining, so I hear the lake calling my name and a book dying to be read! (maybe a donut too)

Until next post,



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