The First Day

People say travel is what broadens horizons.  I believe teaching can be described in the same way.  What happens when the two combine?  Welcome to my journey to, in, and from Silkeborg, Denmark.  We are in Silkeborg right now to observe in Danish schools for experiences to take back to the States.  As someone who has never been to the country, I am excited to be here! (although change is really hard).

We settled in today and had our first outing to the market!  Let me first preface this story with saying that we are getting around Silkeborg on bikes.

Here’s the important thing-I barely know how to ride a bike.

I didn’t grow up in an area with sidewalks or one where it was safe to ride in the street.  As a result of that, I didn’t learn to ride a bike till I was about 15.  I learned enough to ride down our relatively flat road and stay upright.  In Silkeborg, everyone rides a bike.  Meanwhile, I’m the American girl muttering to herself to “Get it together, get it together,” as I wobble in and around the street.  I started out slowly and surely and made it to the market with relatively no problems.  I was always last in line, BUT I made it!  It was reassuring to walk into a grocery store and see Coca-Cola, Snickers, and Philadelphia cream cheese.  We heard no English, but identified our American brands.  After shopping for the week, we loaded up our bike baskets with the groceries and took off for home!

School starts tomorrow! This will be our first big experience for our trip!

6th grade here I come!

Until another post,



2 thoughts on “The First Day

  1. Love reading your posts! I bet you will be an amazing cyclist when you return. We are sharing your thoughts and pictures back home.


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